If you haven’t tried these...

Spotlight on a few of our coffees

Cherry Bomb Blend

Our simple, delightful, all-day blend is a staple in many Parkdale kitchen cupboards. This is the blend I always have on hand. Whenever I go to family gatherings I am expected to bring a pound or two or three. It is a simple blend of high grown, high quality South & Central American Varieties. Cherry Bomb Blend is smooth, balanced, nutty, caramely, with hints of bright citrus and spice.


Spitfire Blend

If you like dark roasts, then you will love Spitfire Blend. Cuban Turquino Lavado and Guatamalan Antigua blend so beautifully together. Both are high-grown, estate, and specialty grade varieties that I roast just past Viennese for a pleasant amount of smokiness and char which adds a backdrop to the bittersweet chocolate, malt, and caramel flavours. I believe this may be the best blend in the city.  I think that for coffee of this quality, hand roasted, local, super-fresh, and only $16/lb,... it’s a total bargain!


Killer Bee Decaf

Our Killer Bee Decaf is a  blend of Brazilian Santos and Ethiopian Sidamo. This coffee is made 99.9% decaffeinated through the completely chemical free Swiss Water Process.

Our Killer Bee Decaf makes a fantastic afternoon or evening coffee. It is viennese roasted, dark and a little oily, and the flavour profile is roasted hazelnuts, dark chocolate, molasses.  At $18 per pound, for coffee of this quality, roasted daily in small batches, this is an amazing deal!

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