Spotlight on a few of our coffees

Cherry Bomb Blend

Our simple, delightful, all-day blend is a staple in many Parkdale kitchen cupboards. This is the blend I always have on hand. Whenever I go to family gatherings I am expected to bring a pound or two.....    Read more

We are now roasting our own beans!

We are proud to announce that Cherry Bomb Coffee is now offering small batch, craft roasted, super premium coffee from Spitfire Coffee Roasters, our own roastery! Our mission..... Read more

Inspiration from a hero

When WWII broke out, my grandfather, Gerald McDougall, joined the RCAF and flew Spitfires in Italy, Normandy (D-Day), and throughout France and Germany for the length...   Read more

Cherry Bomb has gift cerificates!

Read more

Pro baristas hit me with their best shot at the Canadian Central Barista Competition

‘B-a-r-i-s-t-a...?’, the customer standing in front of me at my coffee shop is mouthing the word with a perplexed look on her face.  I explained that a barista is... Read more

The art of espresso

There are many misconceptions as to what an espresso is or should be.  Many think that espresso should be a very dark roast, or that it is a type of bean, many would say that it has to be a blend.  Espresso is actually...  Read more

10 reasons to buy a pound or two (or three!) this holiday season

1.  Great stocking stuffer

2.  Ideal gift for the teacher

3.  A nice change from a bottle of wine... Read more

Check out our hours over this holiday weekend...Read more